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Little Boy Suspenders

You might think I was trying to make Henry cute and trendy with some suspends. The truth is though, Henry is so skinny that he walks out of manufactured pants. Literally. Like we'll be playing and he'll run to his room and when he comes back, he has no pants on! I was thinking about making a belt for him, but I thought it would make diaper changes difficult. Luckily, I ran in to this boys mock suspenders tutorial by Jojo & Eloise and decided to make some for Henry.
These came together SO quickly! I sewed mine instead of hot glued them, and they were still quick. It makes such a difference in keeping Henry's pants on!
I used gray elastic so they would match as many outfits as possible. As much as he needs these to keep his pants on, they are very handsome on him!
Want to see some great bloopers? I don't know what Henry was doing in these pictures, but he was being quite silly.


  1. I have that problem too. But not just with my son, but with my daughters. I am always telling them to pull up their pants, as I don't like to see crack. Thanks for sharing a great tutorial!

  2. He is so cute. It doesn't matter if it is trendy because he would rock them even if they weren't.


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