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Lace Overlay Tee Tutorial

I had such a great response to the lace overlay tee that I thought I'd make a tutorial. It's actually really simple and really easy! And I love my long-sleeved version that I didn't need much of a push to make a short-sleeved version!
I decided to mix the pale pink lace with a dark teal. I love these mix of colors! I only had enough lace to do the front of my tee, but since the style lines are different I think it works well.
Cut out tee pieces
Stretch lace
Sewing supplies*

To make mine, I traced one of my very favorite shirts (I will be so sad when it's too worn out to wear!).  Then I used the front piece to cut out a piece of lace.
Then when I sewed the tee together, I treated the lace and the front as one piece. You can zigzag baste them together if you'd like, but I didn't. It would make it easier.
 You don't have to do anything special because the lace and the front are "one piece."
The only extra work you have to do is cut out one extra piece, but the lace overlay really dresses up a shirt and makes it look unique! Now you just have to find some stretch lace!


  1. I like this one even more than the last one! the contrast of the colors is so great and the lace is so funky! great job and thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Featuring this in my newsletter this week - nice job!

  3. That's beautiful! Especially with the contrasting colours.

  4. Way cute. And way easy. Now for the time to make one....

  5. It like it even better in those colours too, such great contrast.


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