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An Easy Way To Meal Plan

I want to tell you about an awesome website I recently found. It's called Yumprint, and it's similar to Pinterest but just for recipes. But it doesn't stop at having just pretty pictures of food!

  • Every recipe you save goes into your cookbook. You can organize different categories in your cookbook like dinners, desserts, breakfasts, etc.
  • You can also save recipes in the "Try Soon" section, so all your new recipes are in one place!
  • Once you have recipes in your cookbook, you can put the recipes on your calendar for your meal plan! You can put multiple recipes on each day. You can see my meal plan on the picture above.
  • Each recipe has some sort of health number (which I haven't quite figured out yet) that helps you see what you need to eat to be healthier. It adds or subtracts for your overall number. My number for the week is up by my name and only I can see it. (And now you can in my screenshot!)
  • You can add an individual recipe to your grocery list or your WHOLE week of recipes! Then you have your grocery list in all one place!
  • You can get the extension so any recipe you find online you save the recipe and a picture.
Find my cookbook here, and follow me so I can follow you back!
Disclaimer: I was not paid or offered anything for this review. I just LOVE Yumprint!

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