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A Glimpse of My Week

It was my husbands spring break this week so we spent lots of time together, and I did a lot of sewing! I have some great things coming up!
I am loving Simple Simon & Company's Ugly Vintage Pattern Party. There are already lots of hilarious patterns linked up! I looked through my small collection of patterns and came up with this caftan and pants pattern. I have actually considered making some sort of maternity shirt or dress from this. We'll see if I get to it during the next pregnancy!


  1. I'll admit that I wore kaftans, just like #1, in the 70s. The one I remember the most, had long, wide sleeves and was made from a bright, shiny fabric with orange and green swirls... LOL!!! Thankfully, no photographic evidence of me wearing it. Although, it would be good for a laugh. Made from different fabric, with a few tweaks to give a little shape, and it could make a good maternity top/dress. I know you could make this pattern look fabulous, Heather!!!

  2. I have learned from this ugly vintage pattern party that you have to look at the flat drawings on the back to see the true potential of a pattern. Raglan sleeves are in right now. I bet you could use it to adjust an existing t shirt that needs an update.

  3. I like the shirt picture above. You could totally make it into something in style right now.
    I think it is so fun to look through my mom's patterns, and see what she made and wore when she was younger. Makes me laugh!

  4. At first I thought this caftan was some monsterously wide pants suit thing! So fun! Thanks for linking up.


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