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A Glimpse of My Week

Whenever I redo or fix or finish something I've made, I don't feel it deserves an entire post. I'm going to start a glimpse of my week on Saturdays where I show something I've added to or maybe something Henry as done. It's just a glimpse of my week. 
This week I added some pockets to Henry's fox bodysuit. I really liked the idea of a kangaroo pocket in the front, but then I felt like I couldn't add anything to the back. Instead, I added a front shirt pocket
and back pants pockets. The back pockets are not quite in the right place, but that comes from sewing them before trying them on. Oh well. It looks good enough for me, and I think the pocket styles go well with the knee and elbow pads.

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  1. That is way cute. And it makes it look slightly more grown up. Thanks for sharing.
    I can't wait to see what else you have been up to. It is nice to look back and see that you actually did do stuff during the week, and have somewhere or someone to share your accomplishments with. It gives me motivation to keep working on stuff.


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