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You Flew: A Sewing Linkup - 14

I'm reading a book right now, and it talked about why remotes are so confusing. Whoever designs them thinks of all the extra buttons and functions it can do, but it just makes it confusing for people who use it. Sometimes I think this is my problem. I forget what it's like to start out in sewing, and I want to add all these extra "features" to my tutorials or patterns. I really want to work on remembering what it's like to start out. Are there any easy projects you've been wanting to see somewhere on blogland? Leave an idea or link in the comments!

The link with the most hits was the knock-off cardigan by Life In Every Word. Isn't that fabric fantastic? I love a good print. She also has some other fun sewing projects in the same post!
Handmade Martini made this adorable Layered Ruffle Tunic from a knit shirt and a men's button-up shirt. I never would've guessed that is where the fabric came from! I love the shape of the ruffles!
How adorable is this baby's grimace? He is ready to scare off an opposing football team! His mom made him an awesome football jersey for Superbowl Sunday.
I love Craftstorming's Car Chic outfit. I love that her version of a blazer is totally kid friendly. I love that she used an all-over car print fabric! What little boy wouldn't want to wear a car jacket?
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  1. Thanks for the feature and linky party, Heather! Have a great day!

  2. Hi Heather, Thanks for featuring Corbin's footbal jersey. I don't think it was him, but someone sure scared away the other team! ;D


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