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Refashioned Polka Dot Shirt

I needed some polka dots in my life, and luckily you all steered me in the right direction with your responses to my fabric printing dilemma on Facebook. (Every once in awhile I have a design dilemma that needs help. I have another one coming up in the next week or so.) Thanks so much for your help!
This shirt was an extra extra large hand me down. (I had a before picture, but somehow displaced my other SD card that I'm still looking for! Just imagine a huge shirt with pleated sleeves meaning lots of shapeless volume.) I cut the pleated sleeves off, took the sides in on the shirt and the sleeves. I cut the back to make a yoke. And when the whole shirt was in pieces, I fabric printed everything with an eraser and dark gray paint. Here are two ways to take in a tee shirt or take in a dress (or button up shirt).
I tried to make a swing back, but didn't quite have enough fabric. I might go back and add some darts. Do you think I need darts on the back?


  1. It looks good. Better than what I would have done with it. :)
    I would leave it without darts. It would be a good in between shirt for maternity, or nursing.

  2. I love the polka dots and the shirt looks great. I'd leave it without dart.

  3. Cute, cute outfit (I liked it tucked in)! The skirt & boots go perfect with it too.


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