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Fox Baby: Signature Style For PR&P

I have been meaning to try this free Dutch bodysuit pattern for awhile. At first I was going to do a cool stripe design (which I will still be doing sometime in the next couple of months), but then I realized I really wanted to print fabric. I didn't want to have to make a new stamp, so I decided to reuse my fox stamp. After I got partway through, I realized that this is my signature style and it coincided perfectly with PR and P signature style week. My signature style is:
  • Prints, either bought or printed by me
  • Color
  • Simple, modern silhouettes with great details
  • Any kind of one-piece, I don't always do this, but I LOVE rompers.
  • Animals
I cut out cream knit jersey and the printed it with the foxes. Then I sewed it together with brown rib knit. I used brown snaps on the inseam. I added fox face elbow and knee pads. I cut pieces from red and heather tan felt and sewed it on. I then added a little bit of embroidery for eyes and a nose. I love the little fox faces!
The pattern was sort of confusing to use because all the instructions were in Dutch. The main parts were easy, because I could figure out the construction from the pictures. I just really, really struggled with the ribbing lengths. At least now I know the lengths for the next time I make it!

My one regret on this romper is that it looks like pajamas. I was hoping the elbow and knee patches would help, but they don't do much. Maybe Henry can just wear a brown cardigan whenever he wears it. Any tips for "un-pajam-izing" this romper?
I let had him wear his fox hat again. Sorry, you have to see it again, but I love it so much! I won't get tired of it anytime soon!


  1. To take away the PJ look maybe give it a brown waist belt sewn into the fabric.

  2. Maybe a kangaroo front pocket like a sweatshirt has? I really like it though. What a handsome little dude! I love the hand stamped fabric.
    Great Job Momma!
    with love

  3. I'm thinking a faux button placket in brown might make it look less like pajamas. I love the print though!

  4. I think the ribbing on the ankles is giving it that feel. Maybe a straight hem?

  5. Oh, and cute! I love the fox print, especially the gray /silver tip on the tails.

  6. I like the idea of adding a kangaroo pocket and a straight hem....but we're only young once and when you're that cute who says you can't wear pj's!! :)

  7. Very cute. I love the fox print and the hat. He looks absolutely adorable!

  8. look at all those little foxes - just too cute, great job!

  9. I love this! The fox stamping look fantastic and the knee and elbow patches are so cute. I think maybe a hood and a raglan sleeve would make it less pyjama-y but it's fine as it is for a toddler to wear out. Good luck.

  10. That fox stamping is just amazing! I love it! Such a cute outfit!

  11. Cute!
    Maybe adding some kind of pockets...back pockets, kangaroo pocket?
    Very well done.


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