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Ebony and Ivory Hoodie and Scarf Hood Tutorial

Henry didn't need another hoodie, but I decided to make another one just for fun. I had some great striped sweatshirt fleece to use.
I was inspired by this knitted hoodie, but I changed it a lot. I didn't think that style would work very well for a baby with a big head. I made the crossover one the hood smaller and kept it a classic hoodie style.
To make the pattern:
1. Start with an existing hood pattern or trace a hood.
2. Extend the neck edge the same distance between the center front and shoulder seam. It should go down to keep the opening wide open.
3. Draw a line from the neck edge up 2" and taper into the original seam.
I lined the hood and made the pocket from some great tribal print I have. The black and white went perfect with the ivory and black strips and helped break up the bold stripes a little bit.
I love how the stripe on the center front goes straight up the crossover.
I also love how the stripes go from the hood to the sleeves. I was using a new pattern, so I didn't realize how short the torso would be. I'm a little bugged because I wanted this to be his spring/summer jacket, but I don't know how long he'll fit in it lengthwise.
And just because this reflection was cool, you get to see me working in the background.


  1. I love this sweatshirt! The fabric is awesome. And the criss cross front is awesome. I was going to do some zip front ones for my kids, but I might do this style instead, as it will work better for wind, and keeping the kids warm.

  2. This is super cute -possibly my favorite thing that you've made!

    1. You are amazing Heather! One day when I own a sewing machine, am sleeping through the night, and am a creative genius like you...that'll be the day! :)

  3. That fabric is amazing and so is the hoodie. Great job on the stripe matching too.


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