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You Flew Tuesdays: A Sewing Linkup - 12

I learned something interesting about knits this week. Some of my friends get together and do a knitting/crochet group. A question was asked to the expert knitter about why the edges of a knitted panel was so loose. She said that it would be loose until it was attached to something else or ribbing was added. Knitters run into the same problem as someone sewing with knit fabric! I learned that all knit, no matter the yarn size and whether you're creating it or creating something from it, has the age old problem of being loose and "wavy." Isn't that interesting?

The most viewed link was The Tardy Cardi by Craftstorming. It's adorable and perfect for a little boy. She's got two little boys, and her sewing aesthetic for those two little boys is very inspiring!
Here are some other great projects from last week!
The Beating Hearth has some cute knee mends for her girls. I love that she used embroidery thread instead of machine stitching (like I always do). She did some leggings also!
How adorable is this baby ombre quilt by Sew Caroline? It's a tutorial so you can make one too! I love all the different grays.
I love these Canvas Nesting Boxes made by Imagine Gnats. I love her illustrations at the bottom of each box! If you want to participate in a sew-along, Imagine Gnats has one happening almost every month. They are simple projects and all come from a book.
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  1. Thanks for the mention up there! I'm glad you liked my post on mending.

  2. Thanks for the feature Heather. You've got a cool boy aesthetic yourself.

  3. Thanks for the party, Heather!!!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my quilt!! XO


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