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You Flew Tuesdays: A Sewing Linkup and Sewing Goals for 2013

Before I show off what you have been up to, I thought I'd share my sewing goals.
  • Use fabric I have and only buy new fabric if it's absolutely necessary. I have tons of fabric, but I'm scared to use it because I might think of a better use than I've already thought of, so I just keep buying more and more fabric. I'm a fabric hoarder. It's time to use what I have!
  • Do more fabric printing. I really love fabric printing, but I haven't done it recently. I have a fair amount of solid fabric, so I should print it to make it unique.
  • Make more from scratch clothing for me. I'm really good at making Henry items from scratch with patterns, but I rarely do it for myself.
  • Do more menswear for my husband. I used to sew lots of menswear, so I need to get back into it and stop leaving my husband out.
  • Stop doing "quickie" projects for myself that I like but don't love. I need to put as much time in my stuff as I do Henry's stuff, so that I'll love them.
  • This isn't quite sewing related, but I plan to grow out my hair all year long!
Do you have any sewing goals?

Now for some inspiring sewing projects done by you! My Name is Mommy reviewed the Simplicity 2171 pattern, and she changed the ways the straps connect. Instead of having buttonholes and knots in the front, she attached the straps on the front and had one buttonhole and a BOW on the back. Isn't that brilliant?! I love this idea!
Anyone get a guitar for Christmas and it doesn't have a strap? No fear! Mandy Made has a great tutorial on how to make a guitar strap from a belt. You can also see how excited her daughter is to have a guitar!
Can you guess that this color blocked dress is from a frumpy dress and too-big top? I never would've guessed. She explains out to do it in her refashioned orange and gray dress tutorial.
If you've been featured grab a button!


  1. I have to agree about the quickie projects. I always do quickie stuff for me, and then I don't like it. I spend forever on stuff for my kids. So this is a goal for myself. Thanks for putting it into words!

  2. I can totally relate to all your sewing goals, Heather. I'm trying really hard to use fabric from my stash, instead of buying, but somehow or another, the stash continues to grow... LOL!!!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my knot dress! I tried to show my daughter her picture but she was way too distracted by that awesome pink princess guitar. :)

    I can so relate to your first sewing resolution. I have piles and piles of fabric and I'm so afraid to use some of it because I love it so much. It makes no sense at all.



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