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Why I Sew

I'm going to break from Sewing 101 today and list the reasons (in no particular order) why I sew.

  • It's a challenge every time I try something new.
  • It fills my need to create.
  • I can choose what style my son wears and what style I wear.
  • My husband is a student so we don't have a lot of clothing options in our price range and most I don't like.
  • I get always get a perfect fit for myself. I am taller than average so finding pants, skirts, dresses, etc. is very difficult.
  • It is something creative, different, and exciting in the routine tasks of motherhood. I do love being a mom, but doing a load of laundry everyday gets old really quickly.
  • It saves us money (usually, depending on fabric choice). I am taking the plunge and only buying Henry clothes at the thrift store or I'm making them!
  • I get a good fit for my son who is far under the chart for weight and is very skinny. He can usually walk right out of store-bought pants because they are too big on the waist.
  • I sew because every time I finish something I get to cross something off my list which is one of the best feelings ever.
  • I don't sew because I want others to see and know that I made something. I'm very shy about something I've made. It's just very satisfying and fulfilling to wear something I made with my own hands.
  • I sew because it's apart of who I am. I love it and hope to be able to sew virtually every day for the rest of my life!

Why do you sew? Any reasons different than mine? (Check back next week for why I blog!)


  1. Great post Heather. I learned to sew so I could make clothes for my two boys and it's so satisfying. I'd like a lot more of their wardrobe to be made by me and definitely want to start making things for me this year.

  2. I sew skirts/dresses for my girls, as ready to wear is usually way to big around and never long enough I need to start doing this for my son, as he is so skinny, but so tall.
    I have noticed there are a few brands that do make clothes that fit skinny kids. I like the Jumping Beans brand from Kohls. My girls have had their shirts and shorts and both are long enough to purchase the size that corresponds with my kiddos age. Also Carters brand is very good, especially when the kids are young. The do long and skinny onsies.
    Thanks for sharing all your boy patterns. Your son is very close in age to my son, so I constantly have ideas and patterns. Thank you!

  3. Initially I sewed as a way of saving money. Now I think I spend more than I save. Now-a-days I sew for the challenge and the satisfaction gained from the creativity.


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