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Why I Blog

Last week I listed all the reasons I sew, and today I'm going to talk about the reasons I blog. This isn't how to be a good blogger by any means, this is just a way to open up a conversation and let you know a little more about myself.

  • I am very much a "crossing off list items" person, so seeing my finished items all in one place is very satisfying.
  • I blog because it has definitely made me a better seamstress. Knowing that someone besides myself, my husband, and my son will see my finished items makes me work harder to design and sew well.
  • I blog because I enjoy making friends. I'm not quite as outgoing as most bloggers; I'm just as reserved online as I am in real life, but since I've blogged a long time I have made friends.
  • I enjoy talking about something new or a sewing tip I have found. (In high school I was voted most likely to have a talk show. A talk show and a blog are incredibly similar, right?) I have also finally accepted in "real" life that I am a blogger and that it's not something I'm stopping anytime soon. This means I'm more open about being a blogger. I used to not tell anyone that I was a blogger. I was very shy about it. 
  • I blog because I feel it is one of my callings in life.
  • I blog because I love talking about sewing!


  1. Blogging is so much fun, I feel like such a newbie because there are so many long term bloggers:) heheh


  2. I share a lot of those reasons. I love the way blogging pushes you to try different things and its great to document them and be able to look back at it all.


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