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Toddler Boy Pants: Color Blocked and Harem

Henry is at the point where 12 mos pants are almost too short and 18 mos pants are way to long and too large in the waist. And we've been getting lots of snow and lots of cold weather, so I decided Henry needed some good pants.
These ones are color blocked pants: blue in front and gray in back. The gray fabric is leftover from Henry's dog coat which makes these really warm pants. I also made his skater shirt.
I love seeing his pants from the side, so you can see both colors!
I also made Henry some more harem pants. I used too large long-sleeved shirt sleeves. It came together really quickly. I added some brown and white striped ribbing as cuffs. I love the little interest it adds to the bottom. Henry is wearing the pants with his casual contrast shirt.
Yes, it was slowing tons!
I have made so much of Henry's clothes lately and it's all similar colors that it's almost a collection. I have to look through to see if it is true, but it would be fun to see them all in one place! I'm really thinking about making him a collection for summer; we'll see if it's possible.


  1. Oh my gosh. In one month or so Henry looks so grown up! He is definitely the most stylish little one year old I know. He dress like a teenager. Ag... how do we deal with our kiddies growing up?

  2. Very cute! He is such a cute little guy.

  3. Love the idea of different colours front and back... Great way to use up scraps.

  4. I love these, especially the contrast ones, they look so cozy too. I'd love to see you do a summer collection.


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