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New Year's Eve Craft: Resolution Hats

This post was first published over at SYTYC.
If you need some craft to do with your kid before they go back to school, then this is for you! It's a fun New Year's Eve tradition, and it helps everyone start thinking of the next year. It helps kids practice art and writing. It's the resolution paper hats.
Fun pens, markers, glitter, etc.

1. Fold a newspaper for everyone in your family. Here's a nice refresher.
2. Write each person's name on their hat and the upcoming year. Then help them write things they will do the next year or things they want to achieve. For example, mine were grow my hair out, read twelve books, sew lots, grow a garden, etc.. For Henry I wrote, turns two, learns to run, learns new words, goes to nursery, etc.
3. Let your kids go to town decorating their hat.
This craft is easily customized for any age. I glued feathers and sequins on mine and colored it with crayons. (Don't laugh, but I totally forgot the year and wrote 2012!)
Henry got to practice his coloring. Older kids can practice their writing and spelling besides coloring. You can get some really fun art materials for your kids to play with.
Henry enjoys coloring just as much as he enjoys chewing on crayon boxes.
4. Take pictures in your hats! It's really fun for kids to wear hats that they decorated. 
5. Save them and next New Year's Eve take them out again. Your kids will be able to see their work, and check if they did all they wanted that year.


  1. Love this! What a good idea.

    It reminds me that once I made about 100 hats like this out of butcher paper when I was reading "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins" for Josh's kindergarten class. I stacked the hats all over the classroom so the kids could get an idea of how many hats there were! I still remember how to make these :)

  2. Very Happy Belated New Year, Heather! You look so happy with your handsome little man! Wishing you all the best in 2013!


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