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The Casual Contrast For Boys Week at PR&P

I love following along PR&P, but have never joined in even though I've always wanted to.Thanks to Laura, I was reminded last week that this week is boys week. Boys Weeks! I had to join in. Luckily, I had already finished the top part of this outfit, and I was able to finish the pants. Now I can join in and compete!
This boy outfit is called the casual contrast because it is a play on being casual and other parts of the outfit have contrast. I used my own long sleeved tee pattern and widened it from the center, lengthened the sleeves and body, to give it a casual, extra-large look. I also added a pocket to the front. For the pants I used Running With Scissors 18 mos skinny pants pattern. (It's a fantastic pattern, and I have ideas for multiple pants!) I altered the back pockets to be angular and masculine, and I altered the front pockets so they were inside instead of being patch pockets. I did not make the green polo, the shoes, and the hat crocheted by my friend and just used as a prop. I did make the scarf this past fall.
I used a men's tee shirt for the body of the sweatshirt and similar fabric from my stash for the sleeves. I liked how the tan was similar but the dark stripes are dark brown on the body and navy on the sleeves. I added a contrasting pocket and tilted it to stay with the casual look. I used black ribbing for the neckline, sleeve hem, and shirt hem.
The pants are a big contrast because I used light suiting fabric, but made them in the style of skinny jeans and lots of topstitching. The fabric has a nice stretch and is a charcoal, white, green, and orange plaid. I love these pants so much because they can easily be dress up or dressed down.
Here is a close up details of the fabrics and pocket of the sweatshirt. Then you see the pockets and faux fly front. The back pocket was cut on the bias. It took me a long time, but I was extremely careful when cutting out the plaids, so I could match the plaid. The lining of the pocket is some vintage zigzag and star fabric I got at an estate sale.
I love this look on Henry and am so happy with the results. I made it so each piece can be worn separately, but look great together also.
Wish me luck!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pants. I have needed to make my boy some Sunday pants. This is a great idea, and I have some old suit pants that I could use for fabric.
    The outfit looks great. I think the pants are my favorite.

  2. Such a cute outfit!!

    Just wanted to let you know that my blog address has changed. Long story… I’ve moved everything over to http://www.usscrafty.blogspot.com. I hope you’ll follow me there!

    T’onna @ Navy Wifey Peters Aboard the USS Crafty

  3. Those pants are fantastic - they will go with so many things and, as you say, look great dressed up or down. It's fun mixing up the direction of plaid. Cute tee as well - I like the mix of fabrics you've used. I'm hoping for better light tomorrow to take pictures of my outfit. I can't wait to see what the designers have made this week.

  4. This outfit is all sorts of adorable! I love it!

  5. love the pants!
    i have the pattern...need to get around to making it.
    really liking your mix of patterns.

  6. I really like those pants. I have seen so many cute pants tonight - my boy could use some more pants. Hmmm.... :)


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