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Gingham Emerald Boy Sweater and Basic Pattern Alteration Tip

It has been an extremely cold winter here. It's totally making me want to become a hermit, because I avoid going outside at all costs. Anyway, I made a toasty warm sweater for Henry, so he could stay warm. I was inspired by this sweater, but I went a little bolder with my colors. From the front it looks like a simple, emerald green sweater. . . (I'm jumping on the color trend early this year, instead of missing it like last year!)
but there's a party going on in the back! There's a gingham yoke across the back and each sleeve has a gingham piece on it's underside. (I apologize for these pictures. Henry was NOT cooperating at all, and I even let him play with a snow shovel! And he spit dinner all over it, so I couldn't get pictures without him wearing it.) The ribbing is a slightly lighter green which I didn't like, but I think it looks okay. At least it looks like I meant it, right? Also, one shoulder has a placket and snaps for getting on and off. I'm so glad my green snaps were such a close match!
It's very simple to alter by cutting one piece into multiple pieces!
1. Draw a line where you want the new seam to be. (Sorry, mine are a little faint.)
2. Every seam deserves a notch, so NOTCH.
3. Cut one the line. Add seam allowance or cut seam allowance when you cut out the fabric.
Have you ever tried pattern alterations?


  1. I absolutely love the little bit of gingham peaking out. I'm loving the emerald trend. It's such a great color for little boys.

  2. That came out so cute! And completely perfect. Also, I love that it could be either a boy or girl thing.
    And thanks for the tips on adding some change to a basic pattern.

  3. I love the combination of the green with the blue gingham, and the snap opening. My youngest is like that for photos too now. I wear a lot of green myself so I'm loving this emerald trend.

  4. That is very cute:)



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