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Easier Cardigan Onesie Tutorial

The first time I make something, I'm usually figuring it out as I go. This means if I make it again, I find easier ways to construct it. Since I had lots of people try out the original cardigan onesie, I was able to get lots of feedback about what was difficult. I took that into consideration and made the cardigan onesie easier to make.
I used a onesie that is a size smaller than my son's size, so it's a little tight on him. But he still looks dashing in his cardigan and ready to take on any college campus.
coordinating knit fabric (ribbing is easiest!)
sewing supplies*
buttons or snaps

1. Measure the center front length of your onesie. Add 1/2". Decide on width, multiply by 2 and add 1/2". Cut a rectangle with these measurements. The stretch of the knit fabric should go with the length. 
2. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. Sew with a zigzag at 1/4" on the long raw edge and one short edge.
3. Trim sewn corner.
4. Turn band right side out. Poke out corner.
5. Fold raw edges of the open short side into the band and sew across the top.
6. Sew across the top of the other short side.
7. Find center of the band and fold in half with the seam on the inside of the fold. Line up the fold just above the snaps. Move the top half of the band out of the way. Working on the bottom half pin only the top and the left side to the onesie.
8. Sew with either a zigzag or a double needle across the top, down the left side and across the center fold.
9. Fold the top half down and pin on the right side.
10. Sew with a zigzag or double needle across the fold and up the right side.
11. You will be able to "open" the band from the left side.
12. Attach buttons or snap.
Put it on your little one and enjoy your work! Your child is now ready for a library day or any hipster event. I really enjoyed sharing with all you Prudent Baby readers today! Thanks for having me!

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