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Crocheted Cowl Hood

My cardigan onesie tutorial was featured over at Prudent Baby! How exciting is that!?

I rarely crochet. I can even though I claim it's hard. Every once in awhile, I come across a crochet pattern that I pick up crochet for. (It also helps that some of my friends do it.) Well I came across the Baylie Bear Cowl pattern and had to make it. I love it! I have yet to add a button, but will get to it sometime. I love the fit, it's warm, and so soft. And since it's 100% it doesn't make my hair static-y! It didn't take me too long once I got the hang of crocheting again.
Henry actually enjoys wearing it too. When the hood isn't on. He thinks it's funny that his arms are stuck!
You might not be able to see, but I colored my hair the other day! (The pictures is very shadowed; it's not nearly that dark.) I used a semi-permanent that washes out after a couple of months. I've wanted to do something like this for years, but was always too scared. Well I'm getting to the point where I'm bored of my hair and want to chop it off, but my goal is to grow it this whole year. So I colored it! At first I didn't think it was dark enough, but I like it the more I see myself in the mirror. It's only a couple shades darker than what I had before. And Henry's nest on the back of his head was cut yesterday! It was getting out of hand!


  1. A couple of levels and using a semi or demi permanent is perfect for a change without being too drastic. Especially if you haven't done any color before. Can't wait to see it in a better light.
    And that cowl looks so cute on you, and your little man. How fun.

  2. Cute! Love your new color :)

  3. OMG! He is so cute. I love those photos!


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