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Asymmetrical Henley and Waffle Knit Shirt

Henry needed some long sleeve shirts for winter, so I made two. (I think I might start making all of Henry's clothes unless he's gifted them.) The first one I just wanted to make a simple striped Henley. Well, I used this pattern and didn't quite read the instructions right, so the placket is off center. At first I was really disappointed, but I decided to keep going. I love the asymmetry of it.
I really love this striped fabric. It's so fun and so masculine.
Sometimes mistakes turn out better than the original idea. I am glad I made this mistake.
The sleeves are a little short so I might add some ribbing cuffs if he grows out of the sleeves too quickly, but I'm happy with how the shirt turned out.
The other shirt I made Henry is just a basic brown waffle knit shirt. I refashioned one of my own shirts so the sleeve cuffs are extra long.
I do lots of fun clothes, so sometimes it's hard to match all the patterns. He finally has a basic solid shirt.
I added one snap to the neckline. It is functional, but it's more for looks than anything.

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  1. I was gifted a couple of knit shirts for my son, very similar to the waffle knit one you made for your son. It says it is size 3T, but other than the long sleeves it fits perfectly. So I took the long ribbing cuffs and just fold them up the entire length of the ribbing cuff. It keeps the sleeves down, where I want them, and makes it so he doesn't stretch out the sleeves. That is an idea when you are making shirts for your son from your shirts. Just make the sleeves long and fold the ribbing cuffs up. (Hope that made sense.)
    The shirts look adorable!

  2. You are very talented....great job!! I am just learning to sew. I hope to get there someday!!

    Happy New Year!

  3. I like the long cuff. I think it looks cool hitting near the elbow like it does. And I love your first tops fabric with the orange pants!

  4. Love the fabric in the first top... goes so well with the pants.

  5. I like the long cuffs. Wish I had some on one of my shirts.


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