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Anthropologie's Conductor Top Knock Off Tutorial: A Man's Shirt Refashion

As I was perusing Anthropologie the other day, I realized their conductor top was basically a men's shirt refashion. Aren't men's button up shirts brilliant and great for refashioning? It's a never ending game! Anyway, I put together a little tutorial, so you can make one too. I didn't go to in depth for certain procedures, so you might have to look them up. For this tutorial, you basically replace the front of the shirt with knit fabric and change the neckline and the sleeve ends.
I just LOVE this fabric. I got it from Girl Charlee and have been hoarding it. I've been afraid to use it because it's so great, but I realized if I don't use it now it'll go out of style.
1/2 yard knit fabric
Men's button up shirt that's slightly too big
Sewing supplies*

1. Gather your shirt and your fabric.
2. Cut the collar and sleeves off of the shirt.
3. Put the shirt on and mark where you want the new neckline. I did a scoop neck.
4. Sew with a regular straight stitch 1/8" in from the new neckline and then cut on the line.

5. Cut the front and back pieces at the sides seams and yoke. Leave the yoke connected to the back. 
6. Use the front piece as a pattern to cut a new front from the knit fabric. Make sure the stretch goes from side to side.

7. Cut the front buttonhole band off to use. 
8. Save two buttons.
9. Save the sleeves to reuse. I cut mine off just above the placket.

9. Sew the front knit piece to the back at the yoke. (Sorry, no picture.)
10. Sew in the sleeves and topstitch.
11. Sew the side seams and finish edges.

12. Fold up the sleeves twice making sure it's even all the way around. 
13. Measure from 1/2" inside the sleeve to where you want the tab to end.
14. Add 1/4" and cut that length from the front buttonhole band. Make sure one buttonhole is near one end.
15. Fold the raw edge on the buttonhole side over 1/4" and sew.

16. Sew the other end of the band in the sleeve at the 1/2" mark. 
17. Fold it over and sew again enclosing the raw edge underneath.
18. Tack the folded sleeve where the tab will cover it.
19. Tack the folded sleeve at the seam.
20. Sew on a button and button the tab up.
21. Repeat for the other sleeve. Iron the sleeves really well.
22. Make bias binding from the discarded shirt front and sew onto neckline. Here's a great tutorial on how to use bias binding. Iron the neckline really well.
Now you've got an awesome knit and woven shirt, a casual and formal shirt. This is also a great way to start working with knits because you sew the knit to woven, so it's not as scary!


  1. Wow that is so cute. Thank you for sharing the how to. Not sure I have the skill..but would love to try this.

    Mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  2. I LOVE this shirt! The fabric is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job!!!

    T'onna @ Submarine Sunday

  3. I LOVE this! And I love your blog. I'm all about making something new out of something old. You have some awesome ideas. I'm definitely going to try this soon!


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