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Sweater Stockings

Today Melissa has a canvas photo tutorial for Handmaking the Holidays.

This is the fourth Christmas my husband and I are going to spend together, and I finally decided on what kind of stockings I wanted. I had this weird thing where I didn't want to make some if I was going  to have more kids and then couldn't make matching stockings. Well, I finally decided on sweater stockings because I'll always be able to find sweaters at thrift stores. I hang them up with our curtains because our "mantle" is on the shelf above. I used Madmim's perfect stocking pattern.
I went with basic colors and am really happy with which sweaters I chose. I found a cream sweater with a black snowflake detail, a white and metallic gray sweater, and a cream cardigan. (Don't laugh at my cardboard pieces inside the stockings. The cardboard I used wasn't wide enough to fit.)
My favorite one is the cardigan stocking. I love thee buttons up the front!
The white and metallic sweater looked great from the inside and outside (just the colors would switch), and I couldn't decided which side to use. I made a fourth stocking, so I could use the other side of the pattern. I'll just keep one in storage until the next child.


  1. WOW- I LOVE this idea- I've never heard of sweater stockings before. Not sure the kids will go for it, but I'm going to have to do this. Now I just have to review your info on which needle, stitch, etc, to use on knits like this.

  2. LOVE the stockings you made, you are so darn creative! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Love LOVE this idea. I was having the same conundrum on stockings, and you have solved it! Great idea.

  4. Love these! How cute! They all go together but each one is unique. And you'll never get tired of the neutral colors. Easy to add to like you had hoped.


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