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Christmas Tree Stacker Tutorial for Handmaking the Holidays

I wanted to come up with a something fun for Henry for Christmas. The problem is he's too young for most crafts and doesn't care about a finished project. I thought and thought and while watching him play with his stacking toy one day, I realized it was shaped like an evergreen tree. I made him some pieces that he could play with that looked like a Christmas tree.
Green Felt
Thread, scissors, etc.

1. Draw different size circles on the green felt.
2. Optional: draw fun shapes around each circle.
3. Cut out the pieces, but don't cut out the center circle.
4. Cut pieces of batting to fit between each piece.
5. Sew felt pieces together with batting in between. Sew around center circle. Optional: sew fun designs.
6. Cut out center circle.
 7. Find or make the platform. Stack pieces in descending order.
 Let your baby go to town with a Christmas activity they can enjoy!


  1. This is awesome. Especially since it is small and can be put away with Christmas decor. And now he has a special Christmas toy to play with year after year. And a great memory to share when he gets older.

  2. I'm not to familiar with what toys work for what ages - would this be appropriate for my niece when she turns 2? (I would have made it for her this year, but I didn't find your amazing blog until now!)

    1. I'm not too familiar with toys any age older than my son. I'm guessing that this will be a little too young for a 2 year old, but I'm not sure. Ask the parents!


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