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9 Gift Ideas for Boys for Handmaking the Holidays

Are you all ready for the holidays? Do you need any last minute ideas for little boys? Here's a round-up of nine items that you could make to add to their gifts. (The order is younger boy to older boy.)
1. Toddler Board Book - This tutorial is perfect for boys who rip paper books and who don't get to see their relatives a lot.
2. Washcloth Handpuppets - Henry loves animals and bathtime, so this is the perfect combination. It's an easily customized tutorial!
3. Toddler Tie - What little boy doesn't look dapper in a little tie?
4. Reversible Superhero Cape - Your boy can be two different superheroes!
5. Stick Horse - I remember LOVING our stick horse as a kid, so I hope to give Henry one when he's older. I love the look of this stick horse too.
6. Dinosaur Tails - Boys can dress up too! They can be dinosaurs, lizards, alligators, etc.
7. Pillow Fight Pillows - This isn't a tutorial, but it seems pretty simple. You'd have to fabric paint the fabric and then sew the right shapes. These would be so fun!
8. Marshmallow Shooter - Marshmallow shooters are lots of fun, and a little softer than other "shooters."
9. Crocheted Beard - This is a great tutorial to keep your boys warm while playing outside. Can you imagine a snowboarder wearing one of these!? I love this so much that I'm hoping to make one for myself soon!
What are you getting your boy for Christmas?


  1. Love these ideas! Wish I could crochet so I could make that beard! Too funny.

  2. So glad you did one for little boys, loving those dinasaur tails! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)


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