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The EASIEST Little Boy Tie Tutorial

I have been reading many, many tutorials for making little boy ties and they were all great, but took a lot of steps. I knew there was an easier way, so I fiddled until I came up with the perfectly EASY boy tie. It is literally one short stitch on your machine and a couple of hand stitches.
It looks good on even grumpy little boys.
Man's tie
scissors, measuring tape, thread

1. Measure the width of your child's shirt neck and cut the elastic that size. I cut Henry's 10.5".
2. Cut the back end of the tie off at 7" (toddler size or cut 6" for infants).
3. Cut a middle piece 5.5" on one side and 3" on the other side. This will become the knot.
4. Baste edges of the knot piece 1/8" from edge.
5. Line up elastic edge with the center of the knot edge and fold down.
6.  Fold right sides together.
7. Fold both corners down matching raw edges.
8. Sew at a scant 3/8" down raw edge. Turn right side out.
9. Fold the top raw edges of the long part.
10. Slide the raw edge of the long piece into the knot from the bottom.
11. Hand sew the long piece inside the knot. Don't sew the top edge of the front of the knot or else it'll make it look weird.
Slip it on to see how it looks! And maybe let your child do some ninja moves.
I talk some friends last night and here's what they came up with. A tie for an 8 year old and three toddler ties.
I also taught them to make adult infinity scarves. They were all so proud that they made ties and scarves.


  1. Ok, this is awesome. I have checked out all those other tie tutorials, but I just don't want to spend the time to make one. But this looks like something I could do. And since all the ties at the stores for little boys are clip on, which in my mind can't be comfortable, this is perfect!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. So doing this for B!! Thanks:)

  3. Thank you for figuring this out! Much, much easier than the tutorial I tried last Christmas. We'll see if we can work some up for this year.

  4. This is an awesome tutorial thanks.

  5. What an incredibly sweet tutorial. Your love of sewing is infectious. I feel inspired to whip one of these adorable ties up too :)


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