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Teal Bootcut Pants

My son is trendier than I am. He has bright colored pants before I do! I found some great teal woman's shorts at a yard sale for a quarter and knew they would make fantastic pants. Don't mind the dark spot; Henry got the pants dirty after a short wear.
I used some of Henry's pants that fit him perfectly as a pattern. I added a little extra room for his diaper. I used the original belt loops and waistband, and I added one side of a snap on the center front to look like a working snap. I added topstitching to look like a fly front.
I used the original hem with a cute little slit. I love the slit!
These were the best pictures I could get of the pants in action. Henry is way too fast and curious!


  1. Way cute. I love the color trend, but have such a hard time actually doing it.
    Those pants are adorable.

  2. Hi Heather, you are very clever making these pants for Henry ( who is adorable btw! ) I just wanted to stop by your blog and get to know you a little better as we are all in the Handmaking for Christmas group. Waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. too cute! I love bright colored pants on boys. I made a pair for my son and got so many comments, Wow... Those are, um, green... But when little girls where the same colored pants, it's Oh, cute, Love those green pants! ergh! Maybe it's just me, and it doesn't happen to other people who dress thier boys in bright pants! :) These are really cute!

    1. Ha ha I've notice that a little, but I dress my so, uh, "hipster" enough that people have stopped giving me looks. They know that I sew stuff and have learned to enjoy the outfits I put on my son.


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