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Polka Dots and Mint Top

I've had this polka dot knit fabric for awhile and could never find the perfect project. Until I found this mint ribbing and thought the mint would set off the navy perfectly. I decided to make a top instead of a skirt or dress because I'm feeling a little tired of the shirts I have.
I just traced the outline of another shirt I had and am pretty happy with the fit. I think it will be one of those shirts that work for now, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy/nursing. Hopefully mint won't disappear from the fashion world soon.
I struggled a little with the length of the ribbing on the neckline and had to do it twice. Bleh. But now I am happy I redid it instead of leaving it.
My knit double needle broke right as I started the topstitching around the neckline. The last thing I had to do to be finished! I just sewed two stitches next to each other and am still looking for a replacement.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to enter my tie giveaway or my sewing link-up! Not many people have entered either, so you have a great chance of being featured or winning!


  1. Love this, I'm really into shapes and style Lines that are comfortable AND cute. I just found. Great go-to source for double needles! I side the joann's I am Taylorsville, there's a huskavana (I think that's it!) distributer and they have various double needles!

  2. Ps its Miriam, why is it showing up unknown!?

  3. Cute! I love the pattern and how you put it with the mint ribbing!

  4. This is VERY cute! I need one.

  5. This looks great! I love the fabric, and I hope mint isn't gone either.

  6. It's perfect! You're a hot mom :-D


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