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Mittens With Vinyl Grip Tutorial

This past weekend it snowed for three days, and we got two feet of snow! I haven't seen this much snow at one time since I was six. With all the snow, Henry needed some mittens to keep his hands warm so that he could play in the snow.
Warm fabric (I used sweatshirt fabric, but fleece would work also.)
Thread, scissors, pins, etc.
Optional: Twill tape

1. Trace your or your child's hand omitting the space between the fingers. Add .5" around the sides and bottom. This is the mitten. Trace a piece .25" smaller than your child's hand. This is the vinyl grip piece. Measure the width of the bottom of the mitten. Make a rectangle that wide and 4" to 6" tall. This is the ribbing piece. One side will be cut on the fold.
2. Cut out four mitten pieces, two vinyl pieces, and two ribbing pieces on the fold.
3. Sew the vinyl piece onto the center of the mitten. I sewed a little design for fun.
4. With right sides together sew each mitten around at .5". Trim, clip, and notch edges.
 5. Turn right side out.
6. Sew the ribbing on the long side at .5". With right sides together pin and sew ribbing to mittens.
 That's it!
Optional: Measure you child from arm across the back and down the other arm. Add a couple inches. Cut twill tape to this length.
Fold ends over twice and sew across.
Sew to the outside top of the mittens. Now your child will not lose the wonderful mittens you just made for them!
You can add twill tape to any gloves to keep them from getting lost.
Happy warm fingers!


  1. Heather, you are seriously amazing! Such great ideas and tutorials. We don't generally need mittens down here in AZ, but it's good to know I can find a place where I can learn to make them if I ever need them!

  2. This is a great idea. We have loads of those stretchy gloves, but they never stay dry. And this would be so cheap and easy to do with some simple remnants. Thank you for sharing.

  3. These mittens are so adorable :) great idea with vinyl grip!


  4. These are so cute! New follower. Found you through the Handmaking the Holidays Group. Looking forward to following your projects!


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