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Little Boy Skater Shirt

For Handmaking the Holidays Sandee has a tutorial for a great girl friend gift! It has to do with chocolate!
My brother has lots of skater shirts and gives them to me when he doesn't want them anymore. I combined the Element logo from one shirt with a shirt I printed with kites. Then I added black ribbing to the neckline and sleeves.

Here's a closer look at the kites on the sleeves.
It's still a little big for him, but it makes him look like a true hipster with skinny colored pants and an oversized top.
I also added a neck opening to one side with two snaps. I really like the look of raglan sleeves, and they are easier then set-in sleeves.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh I love this! Great job!

  2. Awesome job Heather, and I cannot get enough of your little boy! I bet he goes 90 miles an hour too!waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. It looks great. I would love to have shirts like that handed to me to remake for my little guy. You did awesome!

  4. I love hand-me-downs (or ups) from siblings. The shirt is really fun.


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