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Lengthening Kids Pants

Kids grow through their clothing really fast. Pants sometimes fit on the waist, but are too short. In the summer it's easy to just chop them off into shorts, but what about when it's cold? I pulled together a couple of tutorials that can add length to pants in a cool way. (Henry hasn't grown out of these pants, I just made them too short to begin with!)
1. Add color to the bottom in an interesting shape like a diagonal in this reconstructed boy pants tutorial. (This is the tutorial that I used to lengthen Henry's pants. I just didn't do my diagonal as sharp, so it's hard to see.)
2. Another great way to lengthen pants is to add a bright colored piece and cuff to the bottom like this color-blocked cuffs tutorial. It's fun and almost a little dressy!
3. If you want something even dressier try just adding a colored cuff like this pants with red cuffs tutorial. If you made your child's pant and have leftover fabric, then you could add a cuff from the remaining fabric. Nobody would know the difference.
Do you have any tricks for pants that are too short?

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