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Glam Sweater: Thought Process of a Refashion

Today Melissa posted a Stocking Stuffer Round-up for our Handmaking the Holidays series. Don't forget to check it out!
I love thrifting and I love refashioning. I've been refashioning for years and have learned lots on the way. The best way I could think to teach is to show you my entire thought process of a refashion.
I found this oversized sweater and love the black and metallic gold stripes. It's a weird shape so there was lots of fabric to use. In this picture I had already cut off the turtle neck that had the same pattern as the sleeve cuffs.
I laid out a shirt with a fit I like and then laid out a sweater with the right sleeve length.
I switched it over to the other side and cut the sweater leaving some seam allowance. *Tip: after cutting through the ribbing, I realized I shouldn't have. If possible never cut through ribbing unless you have to. You never know if you'll want to use it or not.
I folded the sweater in half to cut the other side. *Tip: I should have left the other shirts on and just cut it. This was a really hard way to cut the other side.
Once I cut out the sweater, I realized that I wanted to re-use the ribbing. I had enough, but I had to piece them together. (I shouldn't have cut the ribbing in the first place!) You can't really see where I pieced them together, but I can and it bothers me.
Then I sewed up the sides and attached the ribbing. (Sorry no picture of this. I didn't  run into any problems here.)
The fit isn't perfect, but I didn't put much time into it. The sleeves are a little too tight on my forearms. (My skirt, Henry's coat, Henry's pants)
I'm really excited to wear this to holiday parties though! It's just enough glam without being over the top.


  1. Way cute. And it is a fun piece that can be dressed up or down. Thanks for sharing.
    I have about a million little girl shirts that are too wide for my girls that I need to refashion to fit them better. Darn having tall skinny kids, with only short fat shirts for hand me downs. Guess I am lucky to have the hand me downs. :)

  2. Such a cute sweater!! Love how it turned out!!

  3. I love it! Thanks for sharing.


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