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Biased Apron Tutorial

It's the perfect gift to give to anyone who likes being in the kitchen or who likes looking cute. A couple weeks ago my friend came to me about copying this apron, so she could give it to her MIL for Christmas. It's a really cute apron and easy to knock-off, so I prepared a tutorial so you all can give  aprons as gifts for Christmas.
2-3 yards of cotton fabric
3 yards of piping
sewing supplies*

Pieces - cut all on the bias
1. Hem sides of bodice with a .25" double turn.
2. Hem top of bodice with a 1.5" double turn. Fold it towards the front. Sew at the top and the bottom of the fold.
3. Gather the top part of the skirt and the top part of the flounce.
4. Sew piping onto the bottom edge of the skirt piece.
5. Sew the gathered edge of the flounce to the piped edge of the skirt.
 Tip: Whenever I sew with piping, I always look at the piping side while sewing.
6. Finish seam allowance of skirt. This is the only non-enclosed seam, and finishing the edge isn't that important since everything is on the bias.
7. Take out any stitches that can be seen from the gathering stitches.
8. Hem the edges of the skirt at .25" double turn. Make sure you don't sew over the gathering stitching at the top of the skirt.
9. Hem the bottom of the flounce at .25".
10. Sew piping to both long sides of one of the band pieces.
11. Center the gathered skirt edge on the band. Pin the other band piece, the back, to that edge and sew. The skirt is now attached and the band pieces can be pulled up.
12. Take out any leftover gathering stitches.
13. Center the bodice piece on the other piped edge of the band.
14. Roll up the bodice and the skirt tightly so you can see the back band.
15. Pull the back band over the roll and pin to the piping edge. Sew and turn band right side out.
16. Sew piping onto three side of one pocket curving corners.
17. Sew piping across the top. Sew back pocket over piping.
18. Flip pocket around with the back in the back and the piped pocket on top.
19. Baste the two pocket pieces together.
20. Assemble the straps by sewing three sides at .5" right sides together. Trim corners.
21. Turn right side out and topstitch edge.
22. Sew smaller straps onto top corners of bodice. Make sure raw edge is folded.
23. Fold edges of the band in at .5". Slide straps in and topstitch.
24. Sew pocket onto skirt.
 Be ready to hang out in the kitchen all day, so you never have to take off your cute new apron. Or give it away for Christmas!


  1. Very cute. Love the colors you choose. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Heather, your apron os adorable and kinda retro looking ( which I adore ) I love it! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

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  4. Gorgeous apron... Thank you for the fabulous tutorial... Hugs May x x x

  5. I think this looks great - so have linked to it on my blog - http://alittlebirdmademe.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/27-free-tutorials-and-patterns-for-aprons/


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