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Testing Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee Pattern

I got the chance to test a new pattern, the Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee, by Muse of the Morning. Let me just say, I love this pattern. I definitely recommend it to a sewer at any level. Disclaimer: The pattern was provided to me free of charge and the opinions are all my own.
This is what I loved:

  • The instructions were really easy to understand and follow.
  • After doing one, I did the next one really quickly. 
  • Her tips for adding topstitching.
  • I love the snaps on the shoulder and think they are a nice detail. 
  • I loved the fit the most. It's not short and wide like store-bought shirts; it's long enough for my tall and thin baby.
I made Henry a short- and long-sleeved shirt. The short sleeved shirt fit well, but he has since grown out of it. (I made it while I was waiting for my camera, which I'm still waiting for!)
The long-sleeved shirt fits him well and is perfect for Autumn. I hope it fits him through most of the winter!

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