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Sewing 101- Sewing Essentials

Every Monday I have a infographic about basic sewing to answer one of your questions. Feel free to ask questions in the comments or email me. Also, if you know the answer to someone's question, go ahead and answer it. We're here to help each other learn about sewing!
Examples of the products I use and love: tailor's chalk, plastic snaps, glass head pins, and pincushion.


  1. Thanks! Love the list... it's nice to have a refresher after not sewing for quite a while... almost one year! The plastic snaps are wonderful...I just got my snap pliers and can't eay enough about them. Pre-winding bobbins is a good idea too! Never occurred to me... One thing I have is a small trash bin for all my threads and tiny scraps. Otherwise I get thread everywhere (well that happens anyways! >.> it's a step though....)

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