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Newfangled Angle Sweatshirt

I made Henry another sweatshirt now that fall has truly come. I got the angled idea from this sweatshirt.
I used leftover fabric from a skirt and from a jacket. I really had to be careful cutting the pieces out because there was only a little bit of fabric left. I still ended up cutting both sleeves right side up so when I sewed one on, the wrong side of the fabric is out. You can see it if you really look close. It's his right arm.
The hood has elastic right at the top which helps it stay on his head. I like that liitle extra work without doing a drawstring.
I added a zipper to the neckline that follows the stripes. I think it's a really cool detail even if it's a little weird when it's unzipped.


  1. Adorable. Love the angled zipper. The fabric choice is perfect for boys or girls. It is a cute sweatshirt! Thanks for sharing.

  2. wwwoow! super cool! love it.

  3. Love the zipper location. It's great for getting it over the large baby noggin and it won't bunch up like a full-front zipper. So cute!

  4. So adorable! I've been thinking about adding an exposed zipper to one of my shirts in that same angled location to make it a a nursing-friendly shirt. May only work for one side though... :)


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