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Little Boy Infinity Scarf Tutorial

I've recently fallen in love with infinity scarves. I know, I'm so behind the times. I tie the corners together of all my scarves so that they become infinity scarves. I found that infinity scarves for boys are perfect because they're easy to get on, they don't get in the way of play, and they can't fall off.
Fabric either knit or woven
scissors, thread, pins

1. Cut out your scarf. I cut Henry's scarf 20" (width) by 14" (height). If you want yours to double loop then double the width. If you want yours to be taller, add more to the height.
2. With right sides together sew the two long sides together. (I sewed with a zigzag because I used knit.)
3. Turn right side out. Fold over and match edges together at seam.
4. Sew the edges right sides together. Since it's a circle, you won't be able to sew all the way around. You'll have to leave about a 3" opening.
5.  You can hand sew the opening closed, or just pinch it closed by topstitching. I just topstitched it because I'm lazy.
 That's it!
This one is a little big for Henry, but it'll be great with a coat. And he'll be able to grow into it.
Bring on the snow!


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  2. This is the cutest think I've seen!


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