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Baby Harem Pants

I thought I'd try the trendy harem pants for Henry. I actually have some that my sister gave me, and they are the most comfortable pants ever. It's like wearing clouds. I found that these are definitely the easiest pants to make.
These pants are two seams and then you add ribbing to the waistband and leg openings. No hems!
After I made these pants I told my husband, "I think I just accidentally made Luke Skywalker pants." They just really look like Skywalker pants to me.
When you make pants, you need room in the crotch. There are three ways to add room: have a center back seam that curves under, angle out the legs (this is how harem pants are made), and add a crotch piece. The second one is definitely the easiest, because it's less seams to sew.

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