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24 mos T-shirt Shortall: With Long Pants!

One of my readers, Sam, was so sweet to test my 24 mos t-shirt shortall pattern. She made one up and tried it out on her little boy, and she was kind enough to send me pictures to share! Isn't he completely adorable?
After hearing Sam's review and looking at the pictures, I added a little length and width to the body, especially the legs. She also recommended using an adult large t-shirt or larger to have enough room for the neckline.
Sam did such a great job putting this together. I really love how she used a different color on the inseam and added the two pockets. Instead of cutting the legs off for shorts, she just let the legs go down to the hem of the shirt making it into pants! This is perfect for upcoming cold fall days.
I definitely need to make some for Henry with long legs!


  1. These would be perfect for pj's too. So cute.

  2. Will definitely be making some of these (in an 18mos size)! Thanks!

  3. Nice job,Sam! Good pics too.


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