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The Little Whaler Sweatshirt

I don't support whaling, but I though it was a fitting name for this little navy blue sweatshirt with whales on the ribbing. I had the sweatshirt fabric in my stash and the whale ribbing is from one of my old tank tops.
It's starting to get cold in the mornings when Henry and I go outside to play, and I realized that I he doesn't really have any jackets until the next size up which he's not even close to fitting. I saw this cute sweatshirt and looked in my baby pattern book to see if I had a similar pattern. (and I had been talking to Miriam about this style.) There was a pattern with one side opening, so I just altered it into two. I did the larger size so it's still pretty big on him, but it'll be perfect when Autumn hits.
I struggled a little bit on the construction because I was going fast and skimming over meaning I had some picking out to do. Thank heavens for seam rippers.
The pattern had really tight ribbing around the waist or my ribbing wasn't stretchy enough. After taking these pictures of Henry wearing it, I cut it off and added a wider one. I wanted it to be able grow with him. I tried to make it look like we were playing on the beach even though we were just in the sandbox. No waves around here.


  1. You made it!! It is so handsome, and I'm excited to know that my kwik sew baby book has that pattern! I love that book!
    Love the little whales, its details like that that make it so special. ps do you instagram?

  2. Really LOVE your refashions!!!! I'm a fan! :-)


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