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Tested Baby Activities

I decided to try some of the baby activities floating around on pinterest. I tried four. Some were good for Henry and some weren't.
1. Fabric scraps in wipes case

This was great. It was fun to show him how to open the top, and show him fabric peaking up. Henry giggles when he thinks he got it all, and then there's more fabric to pull. I don't think Henry is old enough to do this one by himself. I have to make sure another scrap of fabric is peaking up, and he only likes play with it when I'm sitting next to him. He does like carrying around the "heavy to him" case though. I think he'll grow into it and enjoy it later. I cut out my fabric in the living room so it's nice to shove my extra scraps in the bin instead of throwing it away.

2. Masking tape on cupboards

My new favorite activity for Henry. I stick pieces of tape all around the kitchen at his height. He walks around to pick each piece of. This is the best while I'm trying to make food because it takes awhile for him to get them all off. Then he'll play with the sticky pieces. If he gets bored, I stick some more up and he's happy again. He learns some good motor skills too.

3. Frozen food colored ice cubes (sorry, no link)
I read this in an article somewhere and tried it for Henry. He really liked this the first time I tried it. He chased the ice cubes all around the tub, and I didn't worry about him holding onto something frozen because of the warm tub water. A lot of the color goes out into the tub, so I had to drain it and refill it again to wash him clean. The second day I tried it, he was mildly interested. The third day, he was done. I think if I only do it once or twice a week, he'll like it.

4. Edible baby paint
I thought it would be so much fun to let Henry paint. I whipped up the paint: flour, water, and food coloring, and went outside to show Henry.
I put some drops of paint on a paper and. . .
Henry ran away to play in the house. He had no interest in the paint at all. Luckily, our two year old neighbor was out, and she really enjoyed painting. I'm glad at least someone enjoyed it.
We found it worked alright on the cement too. Henry was interested in the puddles and the cups.
I would recommend this for babies who don't like to move. I also found that it needed more flour or less water.


  1. Love the idea with the scraps. A fun way to teach color to older children, and to contain the cute scraps that you don't want to get rid of.

  2. love these! thanks for the tips!

  3. i tried the edible paint a few weeks ago and she didn't seem to care much, then i tried again using yogurt and food colouring and she played with it for a little. Now I'd like to try the ice cubes... maybe tomorrow... thanks for sharing!

  4. You could sew all of the scraps together, so he has one continuous thing to pull out, too...that might help him be able to do it on his own:)


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