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Sometimes I make mistakes. It would be easy to not show them on this blog. Or it’d be easy to hide the mistakes in the pictures. But to learn to sew you’ve got to make mistakes. I have made lots of mistakes, and as you’ll see, I still make mistakes. Anyway, I found some cute red striped fabric and thought it would be perfect for Henry. Patterned overalls had been on my mind, so I used a pattern from the Sewing for Baby Book. The instructions were really easy to follow, and I LOVE the fit of these overalls. I’m definitely going to make more of these. (I promise we’re not white trash, and he’ll wear a shirt when he grows into them. I just wanted to quickly try them on.)

Striped Overalls: Even I Make Mistakes

Once I had the fabric and pattern I got ready to cut out. I was really focusing on making the stripes line up on the center front seam. I forgot to check twice, cut once. Once I was done and had only scraps leftover, I realized I had cut the two front pieces exactly the same, so when I sewed them together one side would be the wrong side of fabric showing. I was so devastated when I realized what I’d done. I didn’t even have any extra fabric to re-cut it. I sewed them together anyway, and you can’t really see the mistake unless you look really closely.  One side has clean, crisp lines and the other is a bit fuzzy.

Striped Overalls: Even I Make Mistakes

I still love them even with the mistake.

Striped Overalls: Even I Make Mistakes Striped Overalls: Even I Make Mistakes

He looks like an Santa elf Aladdin. This just might be the base for our Christmas pictures.

Striped Overalls: Even I Make Mistakes

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