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Baby Boy Style Ideas - Summer

Boy clothing can be boring if you let it be. I love thinking up great outfits for Henry, and it makes him so good-looking that it makes my day. (Don't deny that a good outfit can change your outlook on the day!) I put together a couple of ideas that  might inspire some fun outfits for the boys in your life. I had Henry walk down his runway, a.k.a. the picnic tables. I was able to do these because Henry still isn't old enough to reject what I pick out for him. The only way I can dress him in layers is to put them together before I put it on him, so it's still like putting on one item. And I let him run around in his crib while I try to dress him.
1. Layer Stripes - Romper Over Onesie
Add interest by pairing different sized and opposite colored stripes. Layer a romper over a collared onesie so the collar will pop.
onesie: thrifted, romper: made by me
2. Color Block - Tshirt and Shorts
Who says baby boys can't colorblock? Pair shorts of a surprising color with a graphic tshirt.
tshirt: gift, shorts: thrifted
3. One Unifying Color - Onesie and Overalls
Mix up patterns. The key is to keep one color the same, like navy, to unify the look. Roll up pants to keep the heat at bay and maybe your son will look like Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer.
onesie: Old Navy, overalls: thrifted
4. Layer Solid and Plaid - Tshirt Over Romper
Put the boring graphic tshirts to work by layering them over a collared romper. You still get to see the adorable romper shorts (my favorite part!). Try pairing solids and plaid for an extra kick.
shirt: gift, romper: made by me
5. Layer Monochromatics - Shirt Over Onesie and Shorts
Layer clothing that's all from the same color family. It's a little more subtle, but has just as much visual interest.
shirt: thrifted, onesie: thrifted, shorts: thrifted pants made into shorts by me
And for a little enjoyment I put a little video together of Henry walking down the runway, a.k.a picnic tables. Don't mind me on the sidelines making sure he doesn't fall off.


  1. Love his shoes in the top picture. My little guy won't keep anything on his feet. It must have ties in order to stay on.
    And I never thought about layering things into one item to put on, over the kiddos head. So smart!


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