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Striped Lace Dolman Top

When I look through the remnants bin (every time I go to the fabric store), I rarely find anything. Last time I went, I scored this beautiful lace and turquoise striped knit fabric. I was stunned nobody else had taken it. I made a simple, loose dolman top with it. I made a couple of mistakes and had to redo the sleeves and neck, but after ironing you can't see them.
Isn't this fabric gorgeous? I can't get enough of it. Color and lace and stripes!? Perfection.
I'm definitely NOT pregnant even though it looks like I could be hiding it in this picture.


  1. I want a shirt like that! I have been trying to find a pattern that works great. Do you have suggestions?
    It is adorable. And don't you love hitting the remnant bin and just scoring huge? I got a bunch of separating zippers for $.50 last week. I am way excited because they will be zip up jackets for the kids for Christmas!

  2. That fabric is beautiful! The top turned out cute :)

  3. Perfect for summer! And no, you don't look pregnant, you look great!

  4. It's super cuter, I love comfy and soft clothes!

  5. It's very cute! I have yet to make something for myself, would love to be able to just "whip up something" like this. ;)


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