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He's a Smiley Guy

This boy has suddenly started waking up around 5:45 am every morning, and he has taken a couple of unaided steps meaning it's about to get crazy around here! I couldn't resist putting a smile on his face.
I added felt knee pads to the sweater vest overalls and love the look. I would've gone with leather, but I didn't have the right color in my stash and didn't want to buy anything. It needed to get done, or it'd sit around in my to-do pile even though it's already done.
I also replaced the buttons with snaps on Henry's lobster outfit, and it works a lot better than buttons. It is now borderline too small for him, but I wanted him to wear it one last day. (I only let Henry look at my scissors, so I could snap some pictures. It is not a common occurrence!) In the second picture it looks like he's saying, "This muscle shirt makes my arm look so buff."
"I'm too cool for school."

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  1. hahahahaa oh my gosh that first picture made me laugh so hard, that is hilarious! he is too cute, so adorable!!!


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