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Sew Set and a Question

I have nothing new today because I've been working on the curtains all week and finally finished yesterday. What a relief! It feels so great to be done even though I'm exhausted: exhausted to the point of everything is making me cry and/or laugh. But I'm now able to give lots more attention to Henry, my husband and our messy apartment. Next week I'll have a mend tutorial and a fabulous baby tutorial so stick around!

SewSet. See.Save.Sew.On another note have you seen Sew Set yet? It's the best website! It's just a catalog of sewing patterns. Some are free and some cost money. You can see all my patterns in one place.

Question: Would you rather I posted less often with mostly tutorials/patterns/sewing tips or more often with more projects/life and only some tutorials?


  1. I like a little of personality and your life in the projects, whether there's a tutorial or not. Mostly I come for ideas. Tutorials are nice, but time intensive, especially for a mommy of a little person learning how to climb, pull, open, dump...(been there, done that, x4 so far) Maybe tutorials for the things you know people would have a hard time finding elsewhere (like those shortalls- that's how I found you!) or ones that you post about and then get a lot of requests for.

  2. I like a healthy mix of projects and life. My favorite bloggers are always the ones who aren't afraid to be just a tad more personal than the others. Not saying spill the guts and innards all the time, I just like to know who it is that is making all of the super amazing crafts!

  3. I would like less often post just with tutorials/patterns and sewing tips - but of course made in a personal way. Especially new different tutorials you haven't seen before. Following a lot of blogs, it starts to get a little boring when you see the same skirt,dress or t-shirt, etc., been done in the same way all over. Thank you.

  4. I know I'm a little late chiming in, but I'm a newer follower. I love to read bits about bloggers' lives. I love reading the life stuff along with the crafty stuff, and the other stuff. I've been enjoying your blog, and your little guy is just adorable!


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