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Mustache Baby Outfits

This past weekend I had two baby showers to attend, one for a friend and one for my SIL. My sister made these adorable mustache shoes (using this free Little Man Shoes pattern) for my SIL before she left, so I tried to match her mustache theme with my gift.
I made two mustache onesies. One I sewed a black mustache on using the same material my sister used and the other I just printed lots of tiny mustaches on using my fabric printing tutorial.
Since I already had a template for the big mustache and the tiny mustache stamp, I used them for my friend too. Luckily, both babies are boys so I could! I switched up the stamping style on the second one, but I like both.
I love my sister's shoes a lot and had a lot of fun matching the theme. Yay for little boys! I think I'm falling more in love with making boy clothing, or maybe I just love fabric printing. Anything you're loving right now?

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