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Movie Set Curtains

Yesterday was a busy day. I'm getting paid to make special curtains for the set of some historical Bible films my church is doing. I'm sewing strips of fabric together to make striped fabric so there was lots of ripping to get the right width. I'm doing it at my parents house so they can sort of babysit Henry while I work, but he still gets involved.
It was an long day. (My parents do have a crib for Henry to sleep in, but we could only get him to nap on the couch.)
Once the film is all done, I'll show you it and point out my curtains. The film will be similar to this.


  1. That's so cool! Your curtains and my husband get to be in the movies. :)

  2. You're working for the new Bible films?? SO COOL! When we got to see the first ones at Christmas all of us missionaries were SO excited!


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