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I have another hemming trick for you today. Rolled hems look so good and would be impossible to hem like regular double fold hems. You can buy a special foot to sew rolled hems, but I find them difficult to use. They take a long time to learn and get used to, and I found even after I learned, I would still have to unpick a part of every hem I did. I sew rolled hems a different way and actually prefer this way. I will say that it takes longer and has extra steps, but it looks really good. I know it’s used by professionals, but it’s easy enough for anyone to do.

You will see it on any lightweight material, sheer or not. It’s perfect for high low hems that are all the rage right now. It’s also used a lot on wedding dresses. Today I will show you on the wedding dress I just finished. (I’ll show you the full reveal after she gets her bridals done.)
                                In The Wavy Dress                          The Dinner Party Dress                                   Added Godet Wedding Dress

1. Put your dress or skirt on and mark where you want your hem to be. Don’t cut it! This is my marking in white chalk.

2. Fold on the line with the extra part towards the back. Sew an 1/8″ from the fold in matching thread.

This is looking and the inside of the dress.

3. Trim the extra fabric off as close to the stitching as possible. Be very careful not to cut into the other side!

Don’t worry about the trimming being perfect.

4. Roll the fabric towards the inside enclosing the raw edge. Sew 1/8″ from the fold. Backstitch at the end.

Press your beautiful rolled hem.


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