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Me Made: Aztec Print Circle Skirt

When I first got married, one of my neighbor friends gave me fabric for my bridal shower to help me start my fabric collection. One of the fabrics was this black and white Aztec print silk fabric. Basically, it's gorgeous in every way, and I finally made a half circle skirt out of it with an elastic waistband.
I tried making it reversible, and it is. I just didn't realize the other side needed fixing until I looked at the pictures of it. Once that other side is fixed I show the whole skirt.
Since this is a woven making it reversible was a lot harder than I anticipated. I had to do a French seam that looks like a flat-felled seam, so all raw edges would be enclosed.
The work paid off though because I will definitely be wearing this skirt for a long time. Hopefully the print won't go out of style too quickly. If it does, then I'll just keep it and wait for the next graphic print trend.


  1. Nice outfit, simple and classy and u look sweet! :)

    I didn't know there's something called as Aztec print- love it.

  2. Great job as always! The result is lovely :P

  3. this looks great, do you have a tutorial (or just tips) for making a 1/2 circle skirt? i've been googling but it's confusing me. they show a full circle skirt pattern being cut in half but then surely the waist would then be half?? x

    1. I'll see if I can put some tips together for you!


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