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5 Simple Ways to Extend the Life of Baby's Clothing

Kids are messy, and they grow fast. This week I taught the ladies in my congregation about getting lots of use out of their clothing and I thought I'd share the tips with you. These are just the baby tips, but I've got a great women's refashion for Friday!

1. If you have a shirred knit dress, chop of the sleeves and you have a new skirt for a girl a couple sizes up.
2. Stains happen. I did a reverse applique to a onesie to cover one stain. To cover another I did fabric printing. Fabric printing covers stains really well. (You might think you can see the stain next to the whale, but it was just a mess Henry made before I took the picture.)
3. Pants ripped at the knee or too short? Chop them off and instead of hemming, just roll them up twice and tack on the seams.

4. What about diaper stains around the leg openings of a onesie? Or the onesie is too short? Grab a t-shirt.
Cut the bottom off of the onesie and the bottom off of the t-shirt.
Sew a basting stitch around the cut edge of the shirt and gather to fit the onesie.
Zigzag stitch on. Then cut the basting stitch in a couple of spots so the now dress can stretch.
Now you've just made a brand new dress.
5. If you've got a boy and the onesie is too short, chop of the bottom and add elastic for very simple diaper covers. (I can't take credit for this one, my friend came up with it and taught it in our class. It's brilliant!)


  1. These are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I have grown attached to some of my daughter's clothes, and I hate when she grows out of them. for some of them, I save them in case we have another baby girl, but I'm always looking for new ideas of what to do with the clothes with small, stubborn stains. Now I know! I love the simple diaper cover idea. That's really great. I've made a few pairs of baby bloomers, but using the bottom half of a onesie is much easier. I'll give it a try one day! :-)

  2. I love the shirred dress to skirt idea! Wonderful! Actually had one that I was going to send to the thrift store soon, but will give this a go instead! Thank you!

  3. good advices! I take note!
    thanks for share.

  4. Hi, mom of two here. I've never gone near a sewing machine and beyond guilty of not extending the life of my girls clothes, but thanks to you I say NO MORE! I will use a sewing machine (as soon as everyone is awake) and good-bye short lived clothes! tnx a million times over


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